Affordable rates for PC services

Located in the heart of beautiful downtown Kelowna.


Computer Repair Services:

Professional, experienced, fast computer repair in Kelowna, BC (often same day computer repair).
Specializing in residential computer support, small business computer support.
Friendly and fast computer repair in the Kelowna, BC area providing affordable computer services for local computer repair.

  • Fast Computer Repair and Upgrades
  • PC Tuneup (Make your computer faster!)
  • Computer Maintenance (Clean up your computer!)
  • Computer Hardware Repair, Troubleshooting, and Installation
  • Laptop Repair, Laptop Tech Support
  • Computer Virus Repairs and Computer Virus Removal
  • Data Recovery
  • Wired and Wireless Computer Networking Diagnostics
  • New Computer Advice and Setup Help
  • Computer Software Installation and Configuration

Web Services

  • Full Service Web Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website Hosting
  • Existing Website Optimization
Signature Sites

Why choose us?

Owner-operated computer repair. KELOWNA PC REPAIR works for you and guarantee your satisfaction!
You are NOT calling an impersonal call center, you are contacting KELOWNA PC REPAIR directly!
10+ year’s experience with computer repair!
Choose me as your computer repair technician because I enjoy helping others and take personal pride in quality work done well!
Need computer help? Contact Brian for professional Computer Repair at Kelowna PC Repair support today!

Data Backup Plan:

When providing computer repair in the Kelowna, BC area, my primary concern is maintaining the integrity of your data!
In a recent survey, 50 percent of participants said they would prefer to lose vacation time rather than their data; however, 82 percent admitted that their data was stored only on their computer’s hard drive. In other words, with one component failure, the hard drive, all their data could disappear forever!
What about you? Do you have an automated data backup plan in place? Please Contact Brian today if you do not. I can help you create a personalized backup plan or actively monitor and provide status reports for your current data backup plan.

Computers left for more then 30 days is considered abandoned and will be recycled.



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